The Loch Leven Team


Above; Lesley, Neil & Jeremy outside the reserve office.

The Loch Leven NNR team is based at the reserve office, the Pier, Kinross.  They all work closely together with a varied workload, to ensure that the reserve is managed professionally with enthusiasm and commitment.  It consists of 3 members of staff:

Neil Mitchell (Reserve Manager)

Neil is a keen birder and qualified bird ringer.  He deals with all aspects of reserve management, and oversees the team’s output to maintain a high level of wildlife and habitat management, visitor engagement and public relations.  He also takes the lead in much of the communications with landowners, local businesses, residents and visitors.

Jeremy Squire (Reserve Officer)

Jeremy is a keen birder and not often seen without binoculars unless its with a camera or moth trap instead. Jeremy works with volunteers on the reserve and is responsible for day to day habitat and species management as well as more general maintenance.   He does survey and monitoring work on the reserve.

Lesley Brown (Admin Support)

Lesley works 3 days a week and provides much needed support and cover in our small office.  With a background in biological surveying, and a wide and varied depth of experience, she is an asset to the office and adds to the team’s combined knowledge.  Her friendly demeanour, patience, and ability to keep the office ticking over are crucial to the day to day running of the NNR.