Autumn in Focus

Autumn is well and truly here. I have been out and about on the Reserve this week with various practical tasks. Being out and about has let me truly appreciate the current autumnal scenes at Loch Leven NNR, here are a few snaps and videos of Autumn at Loch Leven NNR.

Looking towards Vane Hill at Dawn – this was 0730 so not exactly early!
The birch all yellow, turning the reserve into an Autumn colour pallete
Nice autumnal scene around the trail
Fallen birch leaves litter the trail
Autumn Birch
The Willows are also providing an autumnal hue
Whooper Swan flying to the nearby fields at Dawn
Whooper Swan family just off the trail in a field – they were joined by more as the day progressed.
Grey Heron at the sluices, there were 4 hanging around one morning.

There is Fungi all over the reserve at the moment and I am no Fungi expert, I have not identified these yet but they are stunning!

Lovely wee mushroom
A dead log, full of life!
Spot the Curlew (s)

The Guelder Rose are full of berries at the moment, providing ample food for thrushes such as Redwing and Blackbirds.

Whooper Swan are providing a great soundtrack around the Loch – here is an example, isn’t it just lovely!

Hooping Whoopers!

We did a goose count on Monday morning and we had 8887 Pink-footed Geese on the Loch. Not as much as in previous years, we would usually have around 15,000 at this stage. A lot of birds headed south quickly in September and by-passed Scotland, but there is still a lovely spectacle to be seen. On that note, get yourself along to Kirkgate Cemetery at 0730 on Saturday 29th October – we are having a Goose Sunrise and hope to see a few thousand ‘pinkies’ take off en-masse!

The Pink-footed Goose soundtrack!

Autumn wildlife is at its peak here at Loch Leven NNR, a magical time of year!

About SimonR

I am a keen naturalist/wildlife conservationist from North-East Scotland. I work at Loch Leven National Nature Reserve as a Reserve Officer and have a deep interest in conservation and wildlife management in Scotland. Keen Birder, naturalist and practical habitat management enthusiast.
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  1. Anne says:

    How wonderful to see so many birds flying together!

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