Spring happenings…

The first main news of the week is that the Phoenix hide is now open! It’s absolutely fantastic. We are having an opening ceremony on 6th May, so ill talk a bit more about this and the hide in a couple of weeks….

Fantastic Panoramic Views from the Phoenix Hide

We started our week off with the first summer WeBS (Wetland Bird Survey) of the season. Our full loch counts are now down to once a month rather than every two weeks to allow time to carry-out our pairs and brood counts on the loch. Now it’s April, the bird numbers have dropped since the winter but we will still have in excess of 8000 birds on the loch! Highlights from Monday’s WeBS include; a female Marsh Harrier heading north, 1000+ Tufted Duck, 80+ Mute Swan and plenty of Mallard and Gadwall.

Non-breeding Mute Swans sizing me up.

Swans are starting to nest now. I’ve spotted a couple round the reserve building their nests. Wont be long until we spot our first cygnets! We have roughly 30 pairs of swans on the Loch, so we could potentially have over 100 cygnets on the loch throughout the season…

Mute Swan building a nest

We have seen our first broods this week (young ducklings with parents). A brood of 10 mallard was spotted at Findatie. Out on the Islands and on the shoreline, Mallard, Mute Swan, Gadwall and Greylag will be sitting on eggs. A reminder to keep your dogs on a lead in sensitive areas and near the shoreline. When out Kayaking keep away from the shoreline and don’t land on any islands, this is all to help the wildfowl that call Loch Leven NNR their home!

Accidentally spooked a few Roe Deer at Carsehall while out doing WeBS

Some more flowers are out now as well, the marsh marigolds are looking good in the spring sunshine!

Marsh Marigold, Caltha palustris

I still haven’t spotted an Osprey on the loch yet! Surely any day now we will get one fishing. I am still awaiting a couple more summer migrants like Sedge Warbler, Grasshopper Warbler and Whitethroat. Plenty Butterflies on the wing, I have had a look for Green Hairstreak at Levenmouth but no luck yet…

Peacock Butterfly in the car park

Hopefully next week we will spot our first Orange Tip, Green Hairstreak and other spring delights. Worth keeping your eyes peeled at all times at the moment – anything can appear!

About SimonR

I am a keen naturalist/wildlife conservationist from North-East Scotland. I work at Loch Leven National Nature Reserve as a Reserve Officer and have a deep interest in conservation and wildlife management in Scotland. Keen Birder, naturalist and practical habitat management enthusiast.
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