Our New Brass Rubbing Trail and Spring Wildlife Updates

As the title suggests, this week we launched our new ‘Tufty the Tufted Duck’ themed brass rubbing trail. The trail circumnavigates the 13 mile heritage path around the loch and there are 10 brass rubbing posts to find. The posts feature Tufty and friends from the book ‘Tufty the Tufted Duck‘ and there is a leaflet that is available for printing here; https://www.nature.scot/doc/loch-leven-nnr-tufty-tufted-duck-brass-rubbing-trail-leaflet. The leaflet gives you all of the information about the trail and a map where the posts are situated.

Tufted Duck Brass Rubbing Post
Mallard Brass Rubbing Post
Brass Rubbing Post in situ

All you need is some paper, crayons and hand sanitiser. A great adventure for the kids on an easter weekend! I am sure the adults could be tempted by making sure a coffee and cake stop is in order half way round….

In other important Reserve news, our Phoenix Hide is almost complete! It is looking absolutely fantastic. Keep an eye on our social medias for an official opening date, it’s likely to be the end of April. I am really looking forward to spending time in the hide and taking in its special panoramic views and fantastic wildlife encounters!

Isn’t it looking fantastic!

Speaking of wildlife, the spring migrant floodgates have truly opened now! In this past week alone, I have had some excellent birding moments…

My first swallows! I had 4 on Monday
Couple of Swallows ‘Flycatching’ over the office
A Beautiful Male Wheatear in Kirkgate Park
First singing Willow Warbler, true sign of an approaching summer!

I also had my first singing Blackcap, which unfortunately I didnt manage to record and a fly-over House Martin. It’s not just about the birds however, a few plants have been appearing on the Reserve.

Cuckoo Flower, Cardamine pratensis just coming into flower.
Greater Stitchwort, Stellaria holostea
White-dead Nettle, Lamium album

Lastly, the Bees are out in force! A fantastic early-nectar source is the willow catkins. Next time you are passing any willow trees, especially at Kirkgate and Burleigh. Look up and see how many insects are buzzing around them, its amazing!

White-tailed Bumblee on Willow Catkin

Let’s see what next week will bring. I am still to see my first Osprey, hear my first Sedge Warbler, Grasshopper Warbler and Whitethroat. It wont be long until the Orange Tip butterflies are on the wing. Its a truly magical time of year!

About SimonR

I am a keen naturalist/wildlife conservationist from North-East Scotland. I work at Loch Leven National Nature Reserve as a Reserve Officer and have a deep interest in conservation and wildlife management in Scotland. Keen Birder, naturalist and practical habitat management enthusiast.
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1 Response to Our New Brass Rubbing Trail and Spring Wildlife Updates

  1. colinshep1958 says:

    Great post, thanks. Good to see the new hide is nearing completion.

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