The missing blog

Unfortunately last weeks blog did not publish so I’ve had to rewrite. Here it is!


The Pink-footed Geese returned on the 13th September. This is a fairly average date.

DJ1V7QBW0AAYahN.jpg large

I spotted this picture on the internet from WWT researcher Kane Brides. A Pink-footed Goose fitted with a GPS tracking tag that dropped into Loch Leven is marked with a dark green star. The bird had flown from Iceland and had stopped at Loch Leven but had decided not to stay and head for Norfolk. The conditions must have been good for flying. See more about the project here

DJjRFxpXoAA6z3_.jpg large

Regular birdwatching local David Douglas spotted the  large flock of Sand Martins and Swallows roosting at the Loch. Loch Leven has had large numbers of hurindines from mid August onwards.


I’ve been watching this Lesser Black Backed Gull for weeks. It’s about a month behind all the other large gulls on St Serfs. Gulls appeared to struggle this summer in the bad weather. Birds that failed at first had a second clutch and a pair actually managed to rear the bird. The last of our breeders for the summer.


For the last month we had the pleasure of Owen Maxwell working with us. He came from Rural Skills Scotland. He was very good with a chainsaw and helped with cutting and fencing around the reserve. He hopes to become a tree surgeon. We wish him well with his apprenticeship with Fife Council.


There aren’t many flowers out at the moment.  I was looking at how the Amphibious Bistort and how wonderful it looked and thought I’d get some snaps but a storm came in and decimating it. I still decided to get some photos. The bistort is a good plant to have on the reserve. There are lots of insects in it. My classic summertime mental image is of a brood of Tufted Duck in amongst the pink flowers.


There are lots of young deer about the reserve. They are quite easy to approach in the Polaris. Please don’t let your dogs chase them.



There are some huge flocks of Goldfinches around the reserve feeding on the meadowsweet. the sharp-eyed amongst you will spot the odd Redpoll in the picture.



This Treecreeper narrowly avoided getting it’s picture taken. There was a Red Squirrel just out of view which I was trying to capture an image of.


And finally…. Fish don’t appear in the blog very much but this one is special. It’s not only one of the world famous Loch Leven brown trout but it’s Neil’s biggest fish to date from the loch. Weighing in at the best part of three pounds the fish was released to fight another day. Tight lines.



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