Skies, Scenery and Birds


Loch Leven is always picturesque but this is somewhat enhanced by the purple on the surrounding hills.


There are plenty of birds right now. A close up of the Scart shows there are many hundreds of roosting Lapwing out there. They commute over to the Kirkgate to feed from there.


When they fly over high they look like twinkling stars.


There is plenty of visible migration at this time of year. These Grey Herons flew south high over the loch. I also watched a party of 30 Snipe fly over. I’d never seen that at Loch Leven before.


Looking out behind St Serfs you can certainly see the number of birds building. By mid September duck numbers will be at their highest and there’ll be very little room between St Serfs and Carsehall.


The weather has been interesting again this week. Owen and I were sheltering between the showers trying to get the fencing done on Friday afternoon.


We had terrible trouble getting the sheep in last week so we had to call on new recruits. This is Rhum. He’s never been out to St Serfs before. He didn’t seem phased by the boat and we got the sheep into the pen at the second attempt.


The Sand Martins enjoyed the feast of flies that were pushed up from the grass by the sheep.


There are two Ospreys in this picture. There are still a good number of Ospreys feeding on the loch. There were seven together on Sunday.


I was surprised how late into the evening they feed. This bird was still fishing after dark. I don’t know whether it’s night-time hunt was successful.


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One Response to Skies, Scenery and Birds

  1. Richard Alderson says:

    Beautiful photos and interesting news of the action around the loch

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