A few shots from the last couple of weeks


We had a great day at the Kinross Show last weekend. We saw lots of familiar faces. We put a lot of effort in with our stand. We decked it out like a woodland scene with a water feature. PC Atholl Spalding popped in for the photo and to make a badge.


This was the water feature surrounded by Phragmites.


Volunteer Ivor Mashford was on badge making duty. We had a telescope trained on the crags for much of the day we could see a peregrine falcon.


Placing fluffy animals around the tent was one of the most satisfying things I’ve EVER done.



This weekend we assisted Our Portmoak by taking them over to St Serfs on the boat. Out there they were looking at the archeology of St Serfs with David Munroe and Oliver O’Grady. Unfortunately we had to cancel the Saturday voyage but everybody got onto the island safely on the sunday. Our Portmoak are Celebrating 2017’s Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology across the Portmoak area. This event was one of many events they have been doing thoughout the year.



For many it was an oppertunity to visit St Serfs for the first time.


This was a storm chasing me across Loch Leven last Thursday. It caught me.


The first Ruff I’ve seen of the Autumn was on the Scart last week.


The Little Egret is in the Heron roost at the Pier. This bird has plastic rings on its legs. It originated from Lincolnshire.



The pale bird in the middle is a scarce bird at Loch Leven. This is a Sanderling. The species is seen commonly around the coastline locally but only rarely comes in land. This is about the 7th record for Loch Leven. I also saw a Hobby chasing birds around the west shore on Saturday.


This Emerald Damselfly was resting between the storms. The differing weather has made life difficult for the loch’s Odonata this year.


This fist size Puffball was out on St Serfs.

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Naturalist living in Kinross-shire originally from Gloucestershire. Twitter @Jeremysquire
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