Keeping busy

From what we are seeing on TV at the moment, you’d think it was Christmas already! However, it is not, and there’s plenty going on around the reserve!


I’ll just get the usual Waxwing bit out of the way as we are committed to bringing you the latest sightings from the past few days!

  • 70, Gallowhill Road, 3 December
  • 35, Kinross School, 4 December
  • 30, Millbridge Hall, 5 December

Do keep an eye out as I have a feeling some have moved in from further north, hence the big flocks of 70 or so that are roaming around.


Last Wednesday we used the volunteers to get the big boat out of the water for the winter. The rest of us went round to Carsehall to begin cutting down the willows in order to form a sort of bushy hedge along the side of the path.


Big boat out on the trailer


To be finished this week…

Unfortunately that’s all I can blog about today as I’ve not been able to take many pictures over the past week. However, I’ll direct you towards the Scottish Natural Heritage Instagram, for those of you who use Instagram. And whilst I’m at it, I’ll point you towards the SNH twitter account as well… And my own Twitter as well.

Just to fill out this post a bit, I’ll post a couple of pictures from Stob Binnein, a munro that I climbed this weekend.

To finish off, I’d like to welcome Neil back to Loch Leven NNR after his year’s absence, and say farewell to Therese who is going back to managing just St Cyrus NNR (I’d recommend visiting!).

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