More Waxwings

I’ve been away for much of November following my beloved Bristol Rovers so I’ve not been out and about looking for Waxwings so much. The national influx continues throughout Scotland gathering some momentum. As I write flocks of 500+ have been seen in Aberdeenshire.

On Sunday 27th I got an excited Whattsapp message from NNR volunteer David Alston saying he had seen 70 Waxwings in Kinross. I set off for Gallowhill Road to search for them. On arrival the air was alive with their familiar tinkling call. Several of trees had birds in them.


I managed to capture a few shots until the light failed me.


A few of the locals had already gathered too see this wonderful spectacle. Various folk stopped to ask what we were looking at.


The most we could count was 88. This is the most I’ve seen locally this year. Hopefully the numbers will build. Part of this group flew over towards the swimming pool. There was a Rowan tree with good numbers of berries on over there but it was being stoically defended by an aggressive Mistle Thrush who eventually saw them off!


With geese flying around and an unexpected flying over Red-breasted Merganser, it was quite an interesting few minutes bird spotting.

The best bet for seeing Waxwings still seems to be the at the end of the path between Gallowhill road and Lathro Park near the 30mph sign.

Earlier in the week I saw one hapless Waxwing being chased by a Sparrowhark in Ochil view. I never saw what happened to this bird but I hope it got away!

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Naturalist living in Kinross-shire originally from Gloucestershire. Twitter @Jeremysquire
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