Midweek Update

I’m afraid today’s post is going to be short as I’m in the office quite late and it’s dark and I need to pick up some stuff from the shops on the way home!


Super moon


We’ve been out today, the volunteers and I, repairing the hide at Burleigh. It’s currently out of action as the boardwalk still needs to be put back together and needs a lick of paint added but it was a good day of work, despite the rain, hail, wind, cold and mud!

Before the week started, I was out at Tentsmuir NNR having a wee look around and can confirm it is very much worth a visit. Seals, shorebirds, sand, sea… it’s not Loch Leven, but it is very nice so do pop out. It’s one of the closest reserves to us here in Kinross-shire.

Back to Loch Leven on Monday and everything feels very much like late autumn. Few leaves still on some trees but they really are just clinging on, there’s plenty of birds out on the loch, the weather’s been a bit dreich, and there was a Starling murmuration over the office! Check out Scotland’s National Nature Reserves on Facebook as I’ll put the video up there when I get home tonight. About 2700 birds all flying together in a bit flock right over the office! Nobody warned me that they all poo at once just before going to bed though…


You will want to experience the murmuration, but perhaps not the synchronized pooing!

I was round at Levenmouth having a look at the hide and what need repaired around there and ended up playing about with the fancy settings on my camera that I’ve never used before. Here’s a wee selection of photos I took…

I think I’ll be using that “one colour” setting a little more in the future, it gives quit a nice effect. I’m afraid I only have time to post up a few other photos but I hope they are nice enough to make up for the lack of words in this post. I’ll post again on Friday with updates on Waxwing sightings and any other work and wildlife sightings from around the loch! Cheers for reading!

P.S. If walking around the path between Kirkgate and Burleigh, loom out for a poster I’ve put up pointing out a good spot for Red Squirrels!

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One Response to Midweek Update

  1. Anne says:

    Do think they are Chanterelle mushrooms. As stated before..your blogs are so beautiful. I do admit to feeling real worried/’down’ (only because I worry a lot).. then I read your blog and it makes me feel so much better. Thank you dear person – as sometimes we think…oh it does not matter what I do/don’t do……but your blogs are so very much appreciated – so healing.

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