Seeing Red and Yellow

Well, we had our first wee frost yesterday with puddles frozen along the path through Kirkgate Park. This was clearly taken as a warning by the local squirrels as I saw plenty of them whilst taking the cutter around to Mary’s Knowe in the morning.


This is definitely the best time of year to be seeing the Red Squirrels on the reserve as they feed up on berries, beech mast, pine seeds and horse chestnuts, whilst cashing even more for the winter ahead. I managed to see 3 Red Squirrels (2 Kinross House grounds, 1 Kirkgate Cemetery) plus a couple of Greys were making a racket as well.

I’ve made a very quick, rough map to show where you stand a good chance of seeing Red Squirrels, just listen for things crashing about in the branches above you. You might be lucky enough to see them leap between trees.


The reason I was running the cutter round to Mary’s Knowe was that we were continuing with the cutting and baling of the area. However we were doing this with a group of students from SRUC Elmwood Campus as opposed to our usual volunteers. I’m pretty sure they learned plenty about the management of the reserve and the things that we need to deal with throughout the year.

All in all it was a successful day of manual labour, and produced 34 bales to add to the pile that our regular volunteers had made previously.


And finally, you’re probably wondering why I mentioned the colour yellow in the title. Well, Jeremy and I were fortunate enough to stumble upon some Scandinavian visitors to Kinross. That’s right, we found more Waxwings! They posed very nicely for us on the path between Gallowhill Road and Lathro Park after having had their fill of Rowan berries, which was probably why they were particularly tame as well.

If you want to know more about these birds and where to see them in Kinross then check out Jeremy’s previous post. There were also about 10 of them around at Levenmouth so keep an eye out for them! There’s plenty of Rowan trees around Vane Farm as well so I’d check those if you want a chance of seeing these pretty wee birds.

And the geese, well what can I say other than there’s still loads of them. Around about 8000 landed in front of Jeremy and I this afternoon as the sun was setting!

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4 Responses to Seeing Red and Yellow

  1. Richard Alderson says:

    Great to get the heads up about the Waxwings & Red Squirrels, Thanks.

    • gusroutledge says:

      No problem! We’ll keep you updated with latest sightings of Waxies

      • Richard Alderson says:

        Went up yesterday afternoon, started at RSPB and walked into the woods over the R Leven bridge. No sightings there, but went up to the picnic area behind RSPB on the way back and two reds were there. Even better, a pair of Ravens called and then came together to do some formation flying along the hill above. Magic!

      • gusroutledge says:

        Brilliant! Glad the reds showed for you, Ravens are always a nice addition to a day’s sightings too

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