Discovery Day at Loch Leven

Discover Loch Leven with a family-fun day

One of Scotland’s most popular nature reserves, Loch Leven, is staging its fun-filled, family-friendly Discovery Day for the eleventh year.



This year, Discovery Day takes place on Sunday, 12 June, and will offer plenty of free activities, including kids’ and craft activities such as face-painting. There will also be willow-weaving for all ages, story-telling, and lots of wildlife and nature displays. As well, visitors can learn more about what Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) does to manage Loch Leven, and the work of many other organisations attending, such as the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and the RSPB, which help make the loch a great place for people and for wildlife.


Small Tortoiseshell

We at the SNH team at Loch Leven are delighted to be staging Discovery Day at Loch Leven for the eleventh time. We’ll have loads of activities and interesting things to see on the day, such as willow weaving, fly-casting, bird ringing demonstrations, and a treasure hunt. We hope you’ll come along, make a day of it and find out all that Loch Leven has to offer.


Water Avens

Loch Leven is Scotland’s largest lowland loch and one of the most important sites for waterfowl in Britain. Its unique environment attracts not only the largest concentration of breeding ducks anywhere in the UK, but also many thousands of migratory ducks, geese and swans every autumn and winter, as well as boasting an interesting variety of wildlife, plants and trees.

Summer has well and truly arrived at Loch Leven and there is lots going on! On this weeks  blog there are a few pictures that I took today around the reserve. Its well worth taking a slow walk along the heritage trail to see what you can spot. If you find anything interesting or a good photo please pop into the office and show us.


Two Azure damsel flies


Castle Island


Common Carder Bumblebee


Birds Foot Trefoil


Red Campion


Small Copper


Germander Speedwell


Cow Parsely


Blue Tailed Damselfly


Common Carder Bumblebee


Russian Comfrey



Orange Tipped Butterfly


Grasshopper on Bush Vetch



Honey Bee

Hope to see you down at Discovery Day, its sure to be an interesting fun day. Next SNH event  at Loch Leven after Discovery Day is ‘Burleigh Botany’. Please phone the office on 01577864439 for more information and booking.

About Tom-Trainee Reserve Officer

After studying conservation at Elmwood college in Fife, I am doing a fulltime student placement at Loch Leven National Nature Reserve. This is with the Kinross team at Scottish National Heritage.
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