Bat Walk

Its that time of year again where it is possible to see large flocks of  Sand Martins feasting on invertebrates over the Loch. This migrant  birds arrive as early as March and leave again for warmer climes in the autumn. Its been a windy day  when I took the picture, as you can see in the photo large amounts of top soil was  blowing off local farmers fields.

Its not just Martins that like to feast on invertebrates at Burleigh sands however…


Sand Martins at Burleigh Sands

As mentioned on the previous post we have an upcoming bat walk on Friday 6th May 2016 at Loch Leven. This will be run in conjunction with the Bat Conservation Trust who have been very kind to lend us two volunteers and some bat detectors. Booking is essential please ring the office to book and for more information on  01577864439.


Hopefully you can join us on the 6th of May, when we delve into the world of bats.They are the most prolific group of mammal species in the UK. 16 species have been recorded, this figure includes breeding and vagrant visitors.

Bats are often described as an indicator species, that is they show the health of the surrounding habitat that they are part of. Bats roost in dead wood and eat invertebrates so when there is a large amount of these bats will tend to do well.

Conversely when there is a lack of food for bats and a lack of suitable roosting sites bat numbers will go into decline, as they have been doing for the last few years. This has been blamed on changes in agricultural practices, with the removal of hedgerows and ponds etc.


Bats are a protected species and it is an offense to intentionally to kill bats, to disturb them, or to damage their roost sites, including sites on houses.

Please phone the office for more details or for booking on 01577864439. Dress appropriately for the weather,  such as a waterproof jacket and boots or wellies. A torch would be useful too.

Big thank you for the photos from the  Fife and Kinross Bat Group a partner of BCT.

About Tom-Trainee Reserve Officer

After studying conservation at Elmwood college in Fife, I am doing a fulltime student placement at Loch Leven National Nature Reserve. This is with the Kinross team at Scottish National Heritage.
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