Well Spring is finally here despite a damp week we have been seeing lots of summer migrants arriving at the reserve again. These have included house martins, the first swallows, chiff-chaffs, and the lovely song of willow warbler. No sign of ospreys yet at Loch Leven, but keep your eyes open as they have been spotted elsewhere in Scotland already.

I saw something rather odd on the reserve the other day it was a lamprey. Lampreys although harmless to us are rather unusual  as they have a circular mouth with rasp like teeth that acts as a suction cup.  The lampray which is a primitive parasitic fish attaches its self to another unfortunate fish and feeds directly on it. Lampreys which were once quite rare UK are a good indictor of good water quality and their numbers are increasing again.



There has been a bit more color creeping back into the reserve after the monochrome winter months thankfully.


Marsh Margold


Great Crested Grebe

Great Crested grebes can be seen displaying right now, there courtship display is rather elaborate. The birds rise out of the water and shake their heads from side to side.

Staff and volunteers have been busy on the reserve recently. We have been doing some habitat creation, clearing willow and other growth for a an area of wet meadow.


Alan on the mower



The bailing machine



Stuck in the mud!



It was a three man job to pull the bailer out the mud



Jeremy posing on the quad



Big thank you for the hard working volunteers!

That’s all for this week, hope you can find the time to visit the reserve. Keep an eye out for events  happening around Loch Leven. The next event happening run by SNH is our Bat Walk on May 6th of May at 8pm. This will be run in conjunction with the Bat Conservation Trust who have been very kind to lend us two volunteers and some bat detectors. Booking is essential please ring the office on  01577864439.

About Tom-Trainee Reserve Officer

After studying conservation at Elmwood college in Fife, I am doing a fulltime student placement at Loch Leven National Nature Reserve. This is with the Kinross team at Scottish National Heritage.
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