‘The Drowned World’ – high water at Loch Leven NNR

Hi, I’m Tom, the new assistant reserve officer at Loch Leven NNR. You may have seen me out and about on the reserve already. I’m on a student placement for a year as a conservation student with Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC).

I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate Neil Mitchell our former manager who has started his new job. He will be involved in nationwide NNR management planning, along with SSSI & Natura work for SNH. He is now based at Battleby near Perth.


Neil Mitchell with the Countryfile crew, including John Craven, in October of this year.


I would also like to welcome Therese Alampo, who is Neil’s temporary replacement. Therese remains reserve manager at St Cyrus NNR, just North of Montrose. St Cyrus is well worth visiting if you’re in that part of the country; it is an important botanical site and has a fine beach.

It’s been a wild few days on the reserve as Storm Desmond hit the UK causing widespread damage. While Loch Leven got off relatively lightly compared to places like Cumbria we are still feeling the effects as the reserve has begun to somewhat to resemble JG Ballard’s ‘Drowned World’. This can be seen by some pictures I took on the reserve in the aftermath of the storm. As large sections of the path have been under water, it’s advisable to wear wellington boots, and use caution as some sections are quite deep. Thankfully the Boathouse has been spared and is open as usual.


The Pier by the Boathouse


Kirkgate Park


The pier at Kirkgate Park is completely submerged


Cycling is a challenge through deep water


The water is up to a couple of feet deep on the path in places


The path between Mary’s Knowe and Kirkgate is particularly wet


Submersible bench!

Flooded forest

Flooded forest along the west shore of the loch


The North Quiech in spate


Appropriate signage given current conditions!

We have been beavering away in the office recently and have completed next year’s events programme. The new events programme includes a series of guided cycle tours around the loch, a bat walk, tracks and signs, a mushroom walk and many more. Keep a look out for the programme on the blog, or in one of our 3 hides around the reserve.

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Reserve Officer Loch Leven National Nature Reserve Scottish Natural Heritage
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2 Responses to ‘The Drowned World’ – high water at Loch Leven NNR

  1. Pattie Leonardis says:

    Thanks so much for the very interesting photos!

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