A BioBlitz is an event where an area is searched to find as much wildlife (Flora and Fauna) as possible in a short space of time. We had a BioBlitz last July as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the signing of the NNR agreement celebrations. We were well practised on how to do one. This year we decided to do a mini BioBlitz at Burleigh Sands as part of Scottish Biodiversity week.

We chose Burleigh because it has a little bit of everything. It has grassland, ponds, scrub and mature woodland as well as a good view over the main loch. We were joined by the volunteers and the bird ringers.

P1130192The new pond dipping platform built by the volunteers was put into use


An Orange Tip Butterfly showed well as it roosted

P1130190 P1130189

A Cream-spot Ladybird was found in the nettles


A Treecreeper was trapped and ringed


The bird ringing station had a busy morning


A Grey heron was on one of the ponds. Is it a juvenile? Some downy feathers on the crown if you look closely.


While botanising we came across a Reed Bunting nest. this tiny cupped nest is just a few centimetres off the ground.


Spot the difference. Out of these Speedwells, which one is Germander and which one is field? Answers on the bottom of the page.


Meadow foxtail

A big thanks to everyone who attended. Also many thanks to the volunteers who turned out to help. We’ll publish the results in more depth when we have analised them. Lesley is busy totaling things up as this is being written.

Regarding the Speedwells – Germander has two opposite lines of hair down the stalk while the Common has hair all the way round the stalk.

A little reminder that we have a botany event at Burleigh on the 16th June from 6pm. Please ring the office if you wish to book onto it on 01577 864439. Demand will be high!

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Naturalist living in Kinross-shire originally from Gloucestershire. Twitter @Jeremysquire
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