Kingfisher up close

Working on a nature reserve means work infrequently gets interrupted with wildlife. Last week the bird ringers had nets set up behind the office towards the South Quiech. I was sat at my desk. There was a knock on the door to say they’d trapped a Kingfisher.



Side on


Amazing colours


Close up of the head


Neat barring on the crown


Iridescent blue on the rump

Birds are trapped and ringed. In this case, the kingfisher was trapped in fine net known as a mist net. The birds are measured and weighed and their sex and age ascertained. They are then released without harm. Special training and a permit from the British Trust of ornithology is required before people are allowed to handle birds.

For more info on ringing see here –

This bird was aged and sexed as an Adult Male after close scrutiny.

A bird ringing demo will be part of the Burleigh Mini Bioblitz next week on Tuesday at Burleigh Sands. See previous blogs for details.


You never know, we might catch another Kingfisher for you to see close up!

Many thanks to Rob Campbell for letting me pinch some of his snaps.

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Naturalist living in Kinross-shire originally from Gloucestershire. Twitter @Jeremysquire
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