Signs of spring?

It was all looking good. Last week the temperature was up to 14 degrees here at Loch Leven. A lot of the winter refuge wildfowl have now left and the thoughts have certainly turned to breeding. The Great-crested Grebes at the pier are courting and Herons, Mallard and Greylag Geese are sat on eggs. They’ll have to be sitting tight at the time of writing as there is a storm brewing with 40 miles per hour gusts and heavy rain are predicted. I feel sorry for the fledged Collared Dove I found in a local garden. If it survives these storms it will do well!

IMG_20150326_085312787_HDRBenarty looking rather white again

Our first Sand Martins were noted on the 18th March which are the first sub Saharan migrants to reach us. We’ve not had an Osprey yet and are expecting one any day now. Other Ospreys are on territory in Scotland. It appears that for now that the door has been shut on our avian migrants by this un-spring-like weather.


Whooper Swans conserving their energy before migration

We managed to get a whole week moth trapping last with 37 moths of 5 species trapped so far.


March Moth are unsurprisingly numerous at this time of year


Oak Beauty is common over the west but scarce this far east

I’ve had the camera traps out on St Serfs this week. There has been a lot of action with wildlife passing by. Here are a few highlights.


This mother and pup Otter passed through the goose roost surprising the Pinkies


A lift of Pinkies during the day


This one is kind of self explanatory


Coltsfoot is a nice early flowering plant that is just bursting through now


This 5lb Brown Trout was caught last week on the first day out trout anglers. This fish has grown so big from eating fish fry. You can see its last meal near its beak.

The Historic Scotland boat is sailing to the castle from tomorrow onwards. What with that, the angling starting, birds nesting and flowers coming out, when will we have some seasonal weather to match?

Thanks to Alan and Craig for providing some of the photos….

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