Corrie Fee NNR – A day out with the volunteers

It was time again for our quarterly visit to the lovely Angus Glens to check the visitor facilities and the deer fence around Corrie Fee.

Today I was joined by team members David, Susan and Alan. All of them are keen on the outdoors and enjoy a trip out.


Always an impressive view at the bottom of the amphitheatre


As we waited for my area colleague Mike in the car park at the  Glen Doll we kept an eye out for Golden Eagles that had been seen recently in the area. We did not spot any but spotted Peregrine, Sparrowhawk and a number of Buzzards while the Song Thrushes and Siskins sung in the background and enjoyed the pleasant spring sunshine.


There was still snow on the top. Was this going to thwart us checking the fence as it has in other winter visits?

As we walked the path before ascending up to the waterfall pools boiled with frogs that had gathered for spawning. There was much spawn already laid in the open water boggy areas.

We were meeting Mike from the Aberdeen office. He was joining us to look at monitoring plots where Wooly Willow was growing beneath the snow line along the side of Corrie Sharroch. This rare stunted Alpine tree grows in few places in Scotland and NNR is an important area for it.




P1110829Obligatory waterfall and other scenery shots

We headed up in glorious sunshine. Snow was over the path near the top but we were able to traverse this safely and make our way to the top.


Still icicles in shade


The view from the top was enhanced by the sunshine


Here is the view looking to the South West. David pointed out to me that he could see both East and West Lomond. These obvious landmarks are a good marker to where Loch Leven is. It’s amazing to think on a clear day you can see something that is effectively a two hour drive away. The view was lost as I got my camera out to picture it as the weather came in. We put coats on and prepared for our decent.

P1110928The snow and hail fwell as we went down the steep hill


During our walk about we were in constant radio contact with Mike who waved to us from the other side of the Corrie.

P1110883P1110906 P1110901 P1110899

We got great views of Mountain Hares. We saw eighteen in total.

In the knowledge that Mike had made it down safely we headed back to the van and a whistlestop trip to RSPB Loch of Kinnordy.


The sun came back out by the time we were down


Back at Loch Leven the skies were equally exciting as the sunset

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One Response to Corrie Fee NNR – A day out with the volunteers

  1. Irene Alston says:

    Hi Jeremy…what brilliant pics and a really good report…many thanks for including me in the visit.

    Speak again soon, David.


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