Cold weather shots, more sunsets and recalcitrant horses…

The temperature has been slowly climbing. So much so that we’ve been seeing more signs of spring. Around the trail moths have been bumping into me attracted by my head torch as I take an evening run and one of my colleagues reports a toad braving the elements on the South Quiech on the 11th. Soon all this cold weather will be forgotten and the swallows will return!

In the meantime, I’ve been making some interesting observations. Wildlife betrays its activity well in the snow. Footprints are a fairly obvious sign an animal has been somewhere. There were plenty of footprints on the path. It’s not only humans who use the path. The surface offers a good straight run through woodlands. The majority of wild animals tracks I saw was fox with one running over a mile along the track between Levenmouth and Grahamstone.

P1110519A nice example of a otter print


Otter footprints with a tail drag through the middle…


Running down onto the ice in the ditch


The badgers had drawn what looks like a caveman painting of an otter in the snow

This weather is perfect for photography. Big moons and sunsets are easy with all this extra light you get from snow.


This shot was taken an hour and a half before sunrise


The magic behind the theatre. Hats off to the fencers. My horizon was level!

We’ve had a few nights in a row of glorious sunsets. I was out on my rounds and was able to capture its full glory. On Friday last week I even caught a Sun Pillar at dusk that was seen throughout central Scotland.






Skeins of pink-footed geese flew in with the orange skies behind them over Factory Bay



The horses stand around like butter would not melt in their mouths but they are slowly and quietly making a bid for freedom by eating the fence posts along the trail along the south shore.

P1110446Beavers? No just the horses….


And finally… It was volunteer Davids birthday this week. Many happy returns young man.

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