An early Early reported!

I received an email today from insect surveyor and reporter Dick Alderson, informing me that on 26th February he witnessed the emergence of the year’s first Early Bumblebee.

Early Bumblebee - Dick Alderson

Early Bumblebee – Dick Alderson

As the species’ name suggests, the queen Early Bumblebees are amongst the first to become active of our common species of British bumblebee , when they begin to search for a suitable nest site for the coming season in the first of the warmer weather.  No doubt a few more will be flying about given today’s sunshine.  Indeed Dick also reported that a Buff-tailed Bumblebee was also seen at Aberdour Castle yesterday.  Certainly a sign that spring is on the way.  Hopefully Nature doesn’t turn on individuals seizing an early opportunity to become active, although I’m sure you’re all as familiar with the changeable spring seasons we’ve experienced as I am….

To read Dick’s Bumblebee Insect Survey Report, please visit the Publications page of our website.

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