Loch Leven NNR 50th Anniversary Facts of the Month #1

As we reach the end of the first month of our 50th year as a National Nature Reserve, it’s time to introduce our celebratory Facts of the Month series.

Perthshire Advertiser – 18 January 1964

The agreement to designate Loch Leven as a National Nature Reserve was reached on 3rd March 1964.  It was signed by Nature Conservancy Council (NCC- the preceding organisation to Scottish Natural Heritage) and Sir David Montgomery, and as can be seen in the attached articles, NCC appointed Mr C. M. Munro as the first Reserve Warden.  Interestingly, Loch Leven was in fact the 30th NNR in Scotland.  It’s designation caused quite a stir in the local and national papers, and our predecessors were wise enough to file these, and many more press cuttings, into which I’ll be dipping from time to time throughout the year.

Various cuttings – 4 March 1964

Scottish Daily Express – 5 March 1964

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One Response to Loch Leven NNR 50th Anniversary Facts of the Month #1

  1. Mary Nisbet says:

    Definitely disagree with the Scottish Daily Express journalist who thinks that Loch Leven isn’t scenic! Surely this is one of the most beautiful spots in Scotland!!!

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