Balsam bashing – Round 1

Balsam Bashing at Loch Leven NNR –

Saturday 27th July &

Saturday 17th August


Would you like to help us eradicate Himalayan Balsam from Loch Leven?  We’ve currently selected the following two Saturdays to gather a team of volunteers for a few hours of balsam pulling at various locations around the reserve- Saturday 27th July, and Saturday 17th August.  We’re aiming to convene at the reserve office at 11am, with the hope that we can stay out until 3pm.

Himalayan Balsam is a non-native, invasive species in UK

Himalayan Balsam is a non-native, invasive species in UK

Please email or phone us at the reserve office using the details below if you’d be willing and able to help out on either of the two dates mentioned.  The larger the group, the more we’ll achieve, so bring your friends, your partners and your kids too if possible!

Of course, with the aggressive nature in which balsam is able to spread, it is difficult to really get to grips with the problem unless it’s dealt with at its source, which is why in addition to these three approaches, we’d also really appreciate your help.  Particularly if you know of any patches that may be further up river from Loch Leven, and could have potential for washing seeds back down into the loch.

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Reserve Officer Loch Leven National Nature Reserve Scottish Natural Heritage
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