NAME THAT FLOWER! Burleigh Botany and more >

Can you identify the flowers featured below?  All were photographed on 18th June at Burleigh Sands by local photographer Martin Pettinger.  Those that were in attendance at Burleigh Botany will have inside knowledge, but for the rest of you- go on and have a go!  Post your thoughts on the blog- answers will be posted in a couple of weeks…











Our second botany walk of the year was as well attended and every bit as enjoyable as the first was.  Steve was joined by local ecologist Liz Lavery for an exploration of Burleigh Sands in search of some plants of interest.  I was afforded the evening off on this occasion, but as local photographer Martin Pettinger was there and able to capture some images from the evening, it’s only right that I share them with you.  Many thanks once again to Martin for providing these fantastic images, above and below.  Hopefully they’ll inspire a few people to head out in search of some of the subjects you were able to capture.  He was on the look out for more than just flowers, as the following images indicate:

Great Tit - in a bat box?

Great Tit

Grass Rivulet

Grass Rivulet

Azure Damselfly (female)

Azure Damselfly (female)

Mute Swans at Burleigh

Mute Swans at Burleigh

Look out for next week’s update on the Lesser Butterfly Orchid count, due to take place on Wednesday morning with a team of volunteers.  They’re already flowering, so we have hopes of a high count next week, in one of Scotland’s best sites for this fabulous flower.  We also have Claire Baker MSP visiting Loch Leven NNR on Monday with SNH staff and Plantlife, as she is the parliamentary species champion for the Lesser Butterfly Orchid, and is interested in seeing it at one of its most prevalent locations.  Steve captured the image below during a site reccy prior to arranging the MSP visit next week.

Lesser Butterfly Orchid

Lesser Butterfly Orchid

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One Response to NAME THAT FLOWER! Burleigh Botany and more >

  1. cragglerat says:

    Ok folks- I know you’ve been waiting with baited breath for the answers, so I’ll put you out of your misery –
    A- Broom
    B- Northern Marsh Orchid
    C- Water Forget-me-not
    D- Red Campion
    E- Creeping Buttercup
    Well done for all the correct answers! Be sure to share them with us if you can…

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