Sunny side up!

An excellent article from Alison Buckle’s Artist in Residence Blog, about last week’s gull colony monitoring on St Serf’s Island. Fantastic photography once again Alison!

Loch Leven NNR Artist in Residence Blog

It was a glorious sunny day on Friday for the egg count.  A cheerful bunch of volunteers, along with reserve officers Craig Nisbet and Stephen Longster, made the journey across the loch to St. Serf’s Island in the sheep boat.  Loch Leven was as flat as glass and an Osprey flew slowly by, giving us a good close up look (forgot to get the camera out, however!).

Our task was to count gull eggs and as we hiked over the island towards the gull colony, the sky filled with noisy gulls.

It was an intense experience being surrounded by so many gulls and amazing to see so many nests between the tussocks as we walked along.

We saw nests every where and this wee guy busting out!

These two were waiting for lunch!  And we were very fortunate to see this beautiful, huge (sorry, no scale, take my word for…

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