Insect Surveying at Loch Leven – volunteering with a buzz!

Our team of insect surveyors are now embarking on their sixth season of volunteer surveying at Loch Leven NNR.  The project started back in 2007, when we were keen to encourage volunteers to assist us in collecting data on previously under-recorded butterflies, dragonflies and bumblebees.

Red Admiral

Red Admiral

Common Hawker

Common Hawker

Common Carder Bumblebee

Common Carder Bumblebee

With continued support from a core group of dedicated surveyors the project has grown into a self-sustaining operation.   One volunteer with a background in scientific research, Dick Alderson, was keen to have a closer look at the data, which led to him producing the first insect survey reports last year.  These reports were updated, and now include data from 2007-2012.  They can be accessed through the Publications page on our website.

The reports are also provided to Butterfly Conservation, British Dragonfly Society and Bumblebee Conservation Trust, so as well as giving us a better understanding of insect populations at Loch Leven, the data collected also contributes to national monitoring efforts by respective charities.

On Saturday 27th April we’ll be gathering surveyors together, and inviting people interested in participating to join us for an afternoon to discuss surveying through the coming season.  We’ll be meeting between 11am and 2pm, to  discuss some interesting findings from the reports, locations for surveys and handy survey tips from experienced surveyors.  We’ll hopefully be able to get out and walk through a transect in the afternoon, although the weather will dictate what we find!

Give us a call at the reserve office on 01577 864439 before then to find out more, or to come along on the day.  You can then decide how much time you’d like to spend throughout the season looking for our six-legged friends.

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